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Document Scanning, Storage & Destruction


About File Pro

We analyse your business processes and provide support in all other areas of management so you can focus on your business. We love to optimize and help other companies thrive by allowing them to focus on their core business! Our highly effective team of business specialists and service providers work with best practices and state-of-the-art solutions.


Document Scanning Services

Document scanning services for any type of paper or document. We use the very latest document scanning and document imaging equipment from the leading scanning manufacturers. All our document scanning equipment produce the perfect image every time. All of our document scanning equipment is calibrated and maintained to the highest quality.

The types of documents we scan and process varies considerably between customers. Below is a brief summary of some of the types of documents we scan:

Accounting: Invoices, Statements etc

Medical Records: All types of medical documents.

Financial Data: Invoices, Statements, Claims, Application Forms…

Office Documents: All types of general office documents, files and folders.

We have stringent quality control processes. Each document is checked and double checked for quality. This means we can provide the highest document image quality.


Human Resources Scanning

Human resources documents pile up quickly – resumes, applications, VAT forms, employment contracts – and it is essential that employee records remain secure and confidential.

We offer comprehensive document scanning solutions to convert your human resources records into electronic files that are securely stored and easy to retrieve.

File Pro will work closely with your human resources department and payroll department to determine your HR document scanning needs and develop a document management solution tailored to your organisation’s requirements. We can assist with onsite scanning, ensuring your human resources documents remain secure and confidential throughout the scanning process.


– Human resources documents are securely stored

– Improved access to employee records

– A tailored human resources document management solution to meet your organisation’s needs

– A paperless electronic filing system will save on space and eliminate storage costs

– HR documents scanned as electronic files can be archived, backed up and recovered in the event of a disaster


Archive Scanning

Do you have boxes of documents in storage or taking up valuable space?

Our back archive scanning service allows companies to eliminate years of paper documents and storage problems quickly and efficiently.


Invoice Scanning Services

Handling and entering data from invoices is time consuming work. Inaccurate information can cause accounting problems and wasted time.

Our invoice processing and invoice scanning services provide significant cost savings and provide accurate data capture.

Any part of the invoice information can be extracted including invoice numbers, amounts, supplier codes and dates.


OCR OMR Scanning Services

Once scanned, documents can be processed via our in-house OCR OMR software to capture and extract the data from the document.

We use our OCR OMR software on all types of documents extracting data from documents such as:

– General documents

– Invoices

– Patient Records

– Names and Address information

– And many more document types…

This automated process provides extracted useable data for our customers output to multiple formats including Excel. Any part, of any document, can be successfully captured and extracted.


Document Indexing Services

There is little point in having the perfect image if you cannot locate it.

Our specialist software allows us to index any document by any criteria quickly and accurately.

Documents can be indexed by any data content or references including customer or supplier names, invoice numbers, dates and amounts.


Scanning Solutions

As experts in document scanning and document management we also provide in-house scanning solutions and document scanners to local businesses and organizations.


Document Storage

Documents take up valuable office space.

File Pro provide our customers with an economical and convenient alternative for the retention and management of your active and inactive hard-copy records.

Where documents are originals and require storage, we provide archive storage at a low monthly rate.


Document Destruction

High capacity, high security document shredders to destroy all documents.

All shredded paper is pulped and recycled.

Shredding is secure and finite with a certificate of destruction provided as standard. Safe, peace of mind certified document destruction.


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